Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old Family (Military) Photos And Letters

When I was little my Grandma gave me a bunch of old pictures and letters of family members who were in the military and a few days ago we were cleaning out my closet and found them so I thought I would post them. I don't remember who most of them are but I'm going to take them with me the next time we go visit so I can get more information. Even if I can't identify all of them they are still a small piece of history and cool to have.

I believe this is my Grandpa's cousin.

This is a postcard of the USNS General Simon B. Buckner sent from my Great-Uncle to my Great-Grandparents. If I remember correctly he served on this ship.

And the back (Dated August 10th 1952)


Aparently my Aunt Doris was quite the popular girl getting featured here with letters from two different men!


This is really interesting, on the front it's just another letter...

...but on the back is an old grocery list! (Wouldn't want to forget the lard, cig, and veal!)


After finding these I'm really anxious to find out more about who these people were, and see if I can figure out where/when they served. I've also got some ancestors in a family geneology book that served in the Civil War that I will post pictures and info on one day, I'm waiting to recreate their Regiments and I'll share the history and photos then.

As far as actual miniatures go, I'm working on some Sash and Saber Union dismounted Cavalry horse holders and horses. Nothing too exciting, just an assembly line of browns and beiges- but I'll try to at the very least get some WIP pictures up.


DeanM said...

Interesting memoirs and photos. I grew up in Hawaii, and we used to have old photos of my grandparent's family & also old Hawaii. Unfortunately, the last time I visited, I couldn't find those pictures anymore. Dean

Josiah Martin said...

That's too bad, hopefully they turn up.

I can't seem to leave a visit with my grandparents without new pictures, letters, and family history. One of the benefits to being the only grandchild with a sincere interest in our family's history!

Josiah Martin said...

Here's a little info on these thanks to the great folks on the FOW forums:

"The first picture has a Cpl. from the 21st Infantry, Hawaiian division (Later 24th Infantry Division). I gathered that from the Infantry branch insignia, unit crest, divisional patch, and the chevrons on the arm. I'v heard of the USNS Buckner and none of it good. If your relative served on her then my hats off to him.

The two gents from the 108th Medical Battalion were assigned to the 33rd Infantry Division and propably saw service in the Philippines and New Guinea."

Thanks again Charles!

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