Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Private David Rogers Beeler, Fifer Co. C 8th Tennessee Infantry (US)

This is the husband of my second cousin, three times removed- He was a fifer for Company C, 8th Tennessee Infantry (US). He enlisted in Union County TN on February 1st 1863 when he was 22 years of age.

The 8th was part of the 1st (Reilly's) Brigade, 3rd (Cox's) Division, of the XXIII Corps for most of their involvement of the war. They were engaged in the Knoxville Campaign, the Atlanta Campaign, the Battles of Franklin and Nashville, and then finally in the Carolinas Campaign before being mustered out on June 30 1865.

Here he is later in life, I've tried unsuccessfully to identify his lapel pin. Any information anyone can provide would be most appreciated! He lived until 1936.

This last picture, surprisingly enough was found online while researching the 8th Tennessee! It is from the 8th Tennessee Reenacting group's website. I've tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with my relative that provided the picture to them but have yet to hear back from the website or anyone from that group. If you are affiliated with them or can point me in the right direction please get in touch with me. I'd love to be able to get connected with my relative and share what I know about our shared ancestor.

Many thanks to the Tennessee and the Civil War website, and my relative who worked so hard on our family's genealogy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Union Cavalry in 15mm

I just finished up a Brigade (based for Fire and Fury) of generic Union Cavalry in 15mm. I think the manufacturer is Musket Miniatures, they were given to me by a friend. These are to a war gaming standard, I was just trying to get them table ready as quick as possible, no highlights or washing or anything.

Here's a closeup. Click to enlarge at your own risk!

Next I've got the Brigade- mounted and dismounted all together for a family photo. The downside to Cavalry is to do it right you end of painting a whole lot of figures to have them mounted and dismounted, and in American Civil War they rarely even make it on the table.

And here is a closeup of the dismounts. Flags were both hand painted, quickly I may add, nothing special!

I'm starting to build up a decent little bit of Cavalry for both sides, I think it's time to start looking for some Cavalry heavy scenarios. Brandy Station comes to mind... Or, there was a bridge about 8 miles from my house that was contested by John Hunt Morgan on one of his famous raids, maybe I should write my own scenario with a little bit of a local allure!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Top Ten Things On My Wish List!

10. M1114 Armored Humvee's from Irishserb's Miniatures.

I'm not really into modern gaming, but these are some great miniatures and I'd love to model my platoon from the old war days.

9. Mixed tents from Renedra Limited.

Picture is from Architects of War. Again, no real need for these, but I do love to make the gaming table visually appealing, and every battlefield needs some lovely tents!

8. Nebelwerfer Platoon from Battlefront.

This is the GE592 21cm NW42 rocket launcher pack. These are one of my favorite guns from WWII (right up there with 88's) and I've been wanting to paint some up for quite a while now.

7. Fearless Federalists from Architects of War.

Architects of War is a relatively new company with a great new line out to support their American Uncivil War skirmish game. They also have great terrain, and carry several other major lines. Although I would love to have just about all of their line, this is the pack that I want the most, thanks to the two miniatures below.

Sniper with scoped Henry rifle.

Soldier throwing Ketchum grenade.

6. Confederate mounted Commanders from Perry Miniatures.

No explanation needed, these are just gorgeous!

5. Federal Infrantry Skirmishing Regimental pack from Sash and Saber.

I already have about half of their 28mm ACW line, and I've been consistantly impressed with their quality, and how easily they paint! The Regimental pack includes all 4 packs I've shown here.

4. Lieutenant-General Ambrose Powell Hill from Redoubt Enterprises.

I have an idea for a diorama for a dear friend who is a huge admirer of A.P Hill, I hope to get it started this fall and completed by Christmas.

3. Caisson's from Old Glory.

I am wanting to paint a bunch of these up and base them individually to add visual appeal behind my batteries. Because let's be realistic, I won't ever be able to paint full teams of horses, caissons, and limbers.

2. Union Artillery running up piece from Perry Miniatures.

No one captures movement in their sculpts like the Perry brothers do.

1. Everything from the Old Glory 2nd Edition ACW line.

Above is the Union Infantry Marching Shoulder Arms boxed set. While my ACW collection is mainly Sash and Saber with some Perry mixed in, I have been eyeing this line and hopefully will be able to get my Old Glory Army Card and make a pretty large purchase sometime soon!

All pictures used without permission.
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