Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Union Battery

Another Union artillery battery that I got painted up this week.

WIP Entrenchments

The past few nights I have been working on entrenchments for Flames of War. I have eight of these done to this level. I still need to build up the terrain and paint them, but I am pretty pleased with how they are turning out.

Once these are finished, it's on to corner pieces, bunkers, and tank pits.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HMG & Ani-tank Platoon

Well I will be out of town this weekend to visit family for Easter, so here are some pictures of some of my previously painted support platoons.

Vickers HMG Platoon.

Close up.

6 PDR anti-tank guns, I still need to get the Jeeps to tow these.

Close up.

I am working on another Union artillery batter, hopefully those will be ready for next week.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

8th Army Rifle Company

Here is my 8th Army Rifle Company that I am working on for Flames of War. It is loosely based on an 8th Army Rifle Company in North Africa around 1942-43. I need to hit them with some dullcoat, they are a little shiny!
Enjoy the pics- more to follow!

My Company Commander (CiC) and second in command (2iC).

The 1st Rifle/Machine Gun Platoon.

Close up of one of the squads.

1st Platoon Command and Support Teams.

Boys Anti-tank Team.

Light Mortar Team.

PIAT Team.

All miniatures are Battlefront.

Union Victory!

Well after three days, thirteen hours, and 12 turns of playing-- the Union edge out the Confederates for a 13-12 win!

I attempted to write up an update after day two's fighting, but I had a little bit of ADD and forgot..

Day Two:
We actually grabbed three other guys to command sections and it made the movement go a lot quicker. I am not able to upload the pictures from my phone, there seems to be a software mix up between it and my computer. So I will have to try to describe the battle instead. Apologies!

The Union left continued to crumble under the onslaught of Confederate cavalry as they caught them in the open and massacred them. I failed to realize that I would have been protected from a cavalry charge if I would have stayed in the woodline, so I moved them a few inches out into the open- BIG MISTAKE! But such is learning a new system. Although I have to give credit to Alan for using them perfectly.

The middle slowly advanced across the open field while my massed artillery softened the Confederate line as they frantically dig field works in anticipation of the assault.

My infantry horde on the right continued to advance over the river towards the weak rebel flank.

So day two was pretty uneventful other then the cavalry assault as the Yankees advanced and the Rebels prepared for the big attack.

Day Three:
With a lack of guys willing to push around lead, I took the entire Union army and Rick controlled the Confederates.

Day three began with a massive assault on the right. The defending Southerners put up a valiant fight, counter charging and breaking a few Union regiments before being routed and destroyed. The right center held a little bit better, but was beginning to crumble as we called the game.

The center turned out to be very interesting as the Confederates got out from behind their field works and charged the Union regiments just before they were able to begin their assault. With the "Rebel Yell" special rule, a few of the Union regiments broke with fear as Johnny Reb came charging at them with a roar!

We did not play the left side of the board because we were waiting for Alan to finish his Warhammer Fantasy tournament, and he did not cooporate by losing. So it was never completed, but we gave an educated guess as to how it would have progressed and scored off of that.

At the end of turn 12, the Union left was broken and wheeled around, the center was pretty evenly matched , and the Confederates had been routed on the right. But the Union had destroyed one more regiment then the Confederates and so were awarded a minor victory!

This was extremely enjoyable and I look forward to doing it again in a few months. Hopefully with the first "The Lost Cause" battle scenario- based on the first battle of Bull Run, or Manassas.

Thanks to Rick and Petshop comics and to all who played.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tonight we started a huge 15MM American Civil War game at Petshop Comics- my LGS. I provided about 300 mini's and Rick provided the other 4,000 or so! The rules we are using are a home grown set that Rick has written. Once the PDF is online I will link it. The battlefield is about 6'x15' and has a mixture of high ground, fences, and trees with a river on one side. My lovely wife has the camera with her in Florida, but I took a bunch of pictures with my phone, and if I can figure out how to upload them I will post them on here.

I controlled the Union, Alan took the Confederates, and Rick played ref/advisor. One my left we both massed all of our cavalry, and then charged them up a hill, meeting at the top where my outnumbered cavalry were slaughtered. I wheeled my left flank around into a defensive position as my massed infantry on the middle and right begain to move forward. Alan dug in his Rebel soldiers and prepared to fire at my army as they advanced across the mostly open ground. And that is where we are now, 3 hours and 4 turns later.

Another memorable event is when my unit of Rush's Lancers charged across the battlefield and displaced one of his units that was digging in, before charging another unit and being destroyed! They have had consistently poor performance rarely even reaching an assault so I was thrilled to be the first to get some kills with them!

We will try to finish the game tomorrow night, and I will hopefully be able to update then with pictures.

Starting once again..

Well I have started posting on this blog a few times but I am going to try to keep up with it this time. The plan is to at least update once a week, probably on the weekend. I have tons of pictures of older stuff to share so on slow(lazy) weeks I can still post new content.
Thanks for looking and check back for updates!
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