Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blanket rolls & touchups

Well I am still waiting on my figs from Sash and Saber to come in, and so I thought I would touch up a few things I'd seen in a few of the pics. And I've also been looking at some other people's stuff, especially here and I wanted to try my hand at a few blanket upgrades. I just did solid brown or gray for these at first but it makes a lot of sense that they would have home made blankets and whatever they could scrounge up. It definitely adds some more color to these.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sash and Saber order!!

I just placed a big order tonight with Sash and Saber. Eighty infantry and four 12 pounders with crew.... so once those arrive I will be posting a lot more!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Nothing special, just a few little things I've been messing with this week.

I'm trying to keep momentum going with my Flames of War, MW 8th Army Infantry Company- although it's difficult to keep painting dozens of stands with a 10 color desert pallete!

I was at Hobby Lobby one day and saw a box of AWI British soldiers on clearance for a few bucks, so of course I bought them! No real future for these other then just looking good! But they are a nice little break and an excuse to paint something with colors other then blue, gray, or tan!

19th Indiana

I painted these up a few weeks ago. The 19th Indiana, part of the Iron Brigade. I really like basing them en masse like this. I think it has a better look then the neat little lines.
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