Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Well I spent most of today doing Mary Kay stuff with my wife, but I did manage to sneak in a little painting time and got 3 more figs painted and inked, now they just need some highlights!
For anyone interested here are some WIP pics and the paints I used on these.

For these ACW figures I've pretty much just been undercoated with cheap flat black spray paint, then giving them a base color, an ink, and a highlight. Pretty simple.

I've used almost all Games Workshop paints on these, with a couple of Reaper colors too.
Here are the combo's: Base/Ink/Highlight
Skin: Kommando Khaki/Brown/Elf Flesh
Rifles: Scorched Brown/Black/Scorched Brown
Metal on Rifles: Codex Gray/Black/Chainmal
Officer Sashs: Scab Red/Black or Brown/Scab Red
Canteens: Boltgun Metal or Black/Codex Gray Highlight (Easy!)
Sabres: Codex Gray/Black/Chainmail
Union Pants: Ultramarines Blue/Black/Ice Blue
Union Jackets/Kepi's: Regal Blue/Black/Ultramarines Blue
Confederate Browns: Scorched Brown/Brown/Scorched Brown or Graveyard Earth
Confederate Gray: Codex Gray/Brown/(Reaper)Weathered Stone or Codex Gray

Other then the skin, I've used Black Ink for the Union troops and Brown Ink for the Confederates. I wanted to kind of tie them all together so I'm using a pretty limited pallet and sticking to the different washes.
Tomorrow I am golfing in the morning with some of the other MK husbands, and then back to the hotel room to finish these and hopefully get 3 or 4 more completed! I love these mini's!

Vacation Day 2

Two more Johnny's done bringing my 28mm ACW total to 8 figs, or 2 stands! I keep telling myself these are only for fun but I've already caught myself drooling over some of the other sets from Perry Miniatures, they are just so dang awesome!

And the back view..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

28mm ACW!

Just got my first 28mm American Civil War miniatures. Perry Miniature's "ACW1 Hard Plastic Infantry". These are some AWESOME miniatures and comes with 36 figures, with slouch hats and kepis, and adjustable firing poses. I am very happy with the quality of these.

Here is the picture from their website:

Check out their website.

I've got them all cleaned up, assembled, and undercoated. The plan was to start painting them when my vacation started tomorrow but I jumped the gun and have already painted 3! These are so nice and really a joy to paint.
I should have plenty of time in Dallas to paint while Lacy is out doing Mary Kay stuff so I will try to post pics each day with my progress.
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