Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Well I spent most of today doing Mary Kay stuff with my wife, but I did manage to sneak in a little painting time and got 3 more figs painted and inked, now they just need some highlights!
For anyone interested here are some WIP pics and the paints I used on these.

For these ACW figures I've pretty much just been undercoated with cheap flat black spray paint, then giving them a base color, an ink, and a highlight. Pretty simple.

I've used almost all Games Workshop paints on these, with a couple of Reaper colors too.
Here are the combo's: Base/Ink/Highlight
Skin: Kommando Khaki/Brown/Elf Flesh
Rifles: Scorched Brown/Black/Scorched Brown
Metal on Rifles: Codex Gray/Black/Chainmal
Officer Sashs: Scab Red/Black or Brown/Scab Red
Canteens: Boltgun Metal or Black/Codex Gray Highlight (Easy!)
Sabres: Codex Gray/Black/Chainmail
Union Pants: Ultramarines Blue/Black/Ice Blue
Union Jackets/Kepi's: Regal Blue/Black/Ultramarines Blue
Confederate Browns: Scorched Brown/Brown/Scorched Brown or Graveyard Earth
Confederate Gray: Codex Gray/Brown/(Reaper)Weathered Stone or Codex Gray

Other then the skin, I've used Black Ink for the Union troops and Brown Ink for the Confederates. I wanted to kind of tie them all together so I'm using a pretty limited pallet and sticking to the different washes.
Tomorrow I am golfing in the morning with some of the other MK husbands, and then back to the hotel room to finish these and hopefully get 3 or 4 more completed! I love these mini's!

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