Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dismounted Union Cavalry

Well these are kind of still a work in progress but I am ready for bed so I just wanted to post these real quick.

Here is my command stand plus an additional stand. I have to point out that these are the absolute favorite figures I've ever painted. I guess I shouldn't have rushed through them! I can't say enough how impressed I am with the quality and detail of S&S. They just have so much character.

Two more stands. Note that I've laid this Regiment out so that their are 9 Cavalrymen fighting and then there will be 3 holding the 12 horses. (So they will fit nicely with the 12 man mounted version of these!)

And finally the last two single man stands. I love the NCO! What can I say? Guys with big mustaches pointing just get me...

These will get based tomorrow and I'll post updated pictures when the horse holders and horses are all painted and based as well.

I am already thinking of painting some more so that I can do a first day of Gettysburg inspired scenario!

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