Sunday, July 25, 2010

Romans Assembled

Well all 48 miniatures are assembled, it only took about 4 hours which was much longer then I expected, but it was pretty enjoyable (thanks to The Marx Brothers and The Office). They are in three 16 man "battle groups" and I will probably paint them in three batches because I don't think I have the dedication to do a 48 figure assembly line.

The first group are all throwing/thrusting their pilum. There wasn't a lot of room for variety when it came to the angle of their weapon arm so I did a few conversions with leftover gladius armatures. They're plastic so it wasn't too hard- cut the pilum from the arm right at the wrist and then replace the gladius hand with the pilum hand. Of course I didn't plan ahead and take any pictures- sorry!

The next group I gave a combination of thrusting gladius and gladius "at the ready".

And finally the third group has their pilum "at the ready". I also cut off their plumes. They're sitting(standing?) on some GW small square bases because I wanted to get a feel for how they would look.

Bad news, I discovered that there was only 1 shield transfer sheet in the box instead of the 2 that are needed to do all of the shields. So I'll either have to buy some or handpaint them all. Oh well! I'm sure if I handpaint them they'll turn out a lot better and stand out from everyone else that has this boxset but I can only imagine how long it will take!

Next up I want to take a quick break from these and finish my dismounted Union Cavalry. They are already basecoated and washed so they just need highlights and basing.

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