Monday, August 23, 2010

Dismounted Union Cavalry WIP

Well I'd hoped to be done on these by now but getting the babys room ready has turned into a fulltime job and instead of assembling miniatures I've been assembling cribs and dressers!

I've got to paint the 3 horse holders and these are ready to be based! Here they are with the undercoated horse holders with them- these bases are going to be HEAVY!

And then here's a picture of just the horses.

I don't know that I want to do any more cavalry for a while, because these took forever and realistically I can only use the Regiment as mounted or dismounted, so I basically painted the equivalent of 3 Infantry Regiments just to have one mounted/dismounted Cavalry Regiment!

The plan is to get the horse holders painted this week and these based, then I am going to tighten down and finish up my Flames Of War army. I've got a British 8th Army Infantry Company from North Africa that I've kind of stalled on, and I want to get it finished so that I can actually get some more games in!


Author said...

Hey man,

Yeah, doing ACW properly (i.e. mounted and dismounted with the proper number of horses) is TERRIBLE terrible stuff...

But at the same time, you've done it RIGHT, and so it looks great:)

Good job!

Josiah Martin said...

Well they've still got some work left in them but I appreciate the kind comment just the same! I've got a whole mess of 15mm ACW Cavalry on the short list to get finished soon but they'll be cake compared to these!

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