Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Confederate Officer

I took a break from the grind of painting whole regiments to paint one of the officers I just got in the mail. This is from the Sash and Saber pack "Mounted Federal General Officers" but he got recruited to serve the South! I am really happy with how he turned out and he will look great commanding a Brigade.

I changed things up a little bit with the horse, I started with black, then a basecoat of GW's Scorched Brown, and then starting a pallette of cheap brown paint and kept lightening it. I am really pleased with it but I am anxious to improve this technique and also get some good quality paint in tubes or bottles rather then in pots so that I can mix different shades easier.

Here is my "to-paint" pile.

I ordered these on a Thursday night, and when I got home from work on the following Monday I was pleasantly suprised to find them sitting on my counter! I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences with Sash and Saber.

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