Sunday, March 21, 2010

Uruk-hai Berserker

What? Something other then ACW???
I know that I've been on a huge ACW kick lately but I actually do paint and play some other things. Lately I've been playing a fair amount of GW's LoTR with my Uncle Luke- no relation, just an honorary title. I've bought a few blisters recently and I painted up a Berserker today.

Nothing too difficult on this, a quick base coat and then a dry brush for highlights. If you take out the dry time between colors its only a few minutes. My painting standard for Lotr is pretty low, a worthy sacrifice to have all painted armies on the table. Nothing irks me more then playing with a shiny metal or all black sprayed army. The basing on these is unusual, kind of a mountain of Mordor/ lava theme.. not really fitting for Uruk-hai, but it ties them all together and looks pretty cool.

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