Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I've been working on this week...

Well here are some of the mini's I've been working on for the last week or so.. This is my last regiment of 28mm ACW until my new order comes in. I am hoping to finish up the remaining 12 guys in time to touch up a few things on some stuff and get started on the flags. I think I am going to go ahead and hand make/paint all of them so I don't want to rush through them, but I am anxious to get a few of them done. Anyways, enough rambling, on to the pictures! (Click pics to enlarge)

I really love the poses on these... except maybe not the hunchback guy, but the rest are really full of character and a joy to paint.

I put out all of my completed regiments this week and I noticed that my Confederates don't look very gray, so I am trying to make this regiment more uniform and grayish.

I really like this NCO, I can just imagine him yelling orders!

My biggest complaint with these miniatures (from a VERY short list) is that the skirmishing/firing line packs have a mixture of standing and kneeling poses, and one of the Confederates (see picture) is even laying on his back reloading. Well I didn't know if I should base all of the kneeling soldiers together or mix them in... so I mixed them in and tried to make the bases seem natural. I think next time I am going to base all of the "kneelers" together.. We'll see.
But as for right now I have to figure out how to base these- the soldier laying down is giving me problems. I think I may put a log or bush or something for him to be laying behind.

I spent some extra time and painted this guys blanket roll as a quilt. Is it worth the effort? To be honest without a close-up I don't even know if it is noticable. Maybe if I use white between the shapes instead of the black?

As always any comments or criticism is welcome!

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