Saturday, February 6, 2010

Union Infantry Regiment In Wheat Field

Against my better judgement I decided to base this Regiment advancing through a wheat field, or unmowed hay field or whatever you want to call it. Either way, I think it looks pretty good but I'm sure it will look ridiculous once it's on the gaming table. Which in all honesty shouldn't bother me because these will probably be more display figures then gaming. But I see it all the time, miniatures that are based with an urban or winter theme, and they look so awesome, but then when you throw them on the traditional green wargaming table they stick out like a sore thumb!
Worst case scenario, I decide to rebase these, and I've worked out a great looking technique to make these fields and can make some portable ones or even better build that huge board I've been dreaming about!

On to the pictures!

Uh-oh, someone's got a bent musket!

If you look closely you'll see that the standard bearers for this Regiment are converted riflemen, the command pack comes with 2 officers, 2 drummers, 2 standard bearers, and 4 misc NCO's. So I just grabbed two of the riflemen, clipped off their muskets and drilled/filed as necessary. Problem solved!

I have another Confederate Regiment to paint, and that finishes up my order from Sash and Saber, not too bad, 80 infantry, 2 guns, and 20 crew in about 3 months. I need to place another order with some dismounted Cavalry, Command, and 2-4 Infantry regiments for each.


Scott MacPhee said...

Looking sharp! The only suggestion I might make would be to hit them hard with some flat varnish. They look pretty glossy right now.

I dig the long grass. I wouldn't worry too much about them looking out of place on the table. I best most gamers will be impressed by the bases.

Josiah Martin said...

Thanks Scott... I just now saw you commented on these- I guess I need to sign in more often!

I agree with the dull coat.. I've been waiting on some nicer weather, so hopefully this weekend!

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