Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well I'm not gone.. merely hiding. I have painted a bit lately but haven't had a chance to take any pictures. I did place another order with Sash and Saber which I am very excited for! And just in time, because I am working on my last regiment right now. Although I do want to go back and touch up a few mistakes on the Union Cavalry and dull coat everything and then add flags. So technically I have plenty to do but I was just itching for more lead! Here is my order:

(1) RCS1 "Confederate Infantry advancing (Right shoulder shift)"
(1) OCS1 "Gen. John Gordon"

(1) US8 "Dismounted Federal Cavalry command"
(1) US9 "Dismounted Federal Cavalry"
(2) US10 "Horse holder and 4 horses"
(1) CS10 "Horse holder and 4 horses"
(1) OUS20 "Mounted Federal general officers"
(1) US13 "Iron Brigade command"
(1) US14 "Iron Brigade advancing (Right shoulder shift)"
(1) US16 "Zouve Command"
(1) US18 "Zouves skirmishing-firing line"

I do love some of the Perry Miniatures ACW line and I think after these I am going to save up and get a huge order from them. I need to find a US supplier though because the shipping costs are killer!

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