Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nashville National Cemetery

Our first day in Nashville we got a little bit turned around and accidentally found the Nashville national cemetery.

The first soldier was buried there in 1864 and it was established as a U.S military cemetery in 1867. There are over 33,000 interments from all wars, of which over 12,000 are Union soldiers from the Civil War.

There are over 4,000 unknown soldiers buried there.

While I wish I could share every soldiers grave and give them the honor that they deserve, I'm unable to so I've noted a few of them here. You can see all of their names on the cemetery's website.

Augustus Reif, Corporal Co D 50th Ohio Infantry, died December 13, 1863.

Tillman Ford, Private Co C 1st Tennessee Artillery, died March 3, 1864.

Marson Mack, Private Co L 8th Tennessee Cavalry, died February 8, 1864.

Noah Holloway, Private Co I 10th Tennessee Cavalry, died April 7, 1864.

S. B. Adams, Lieutenant, TN, died February 2, 1864.

Thomas Nolan, Private Co I 103rd Illinois Infantry, died April 9, 1864

Edward Reynolds, Private, KY, died August 15, 1864.

Harrison Summers, Private, KY, died July 12, 1864.

This statute in the cemetery was dedicated in 2003 to all of the soldiers of the U.S Colored troops, of which almost 2,000 are buried there.

Lee Humphrey, Private U.S.C.T., died June 16, 1864.

Reuben Thornton, Private Co I 12th U.S Colored Troop, died February 14, 1899.

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