Wednesday, August 17, 2011

McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Franklin, Tennessee.

Near the Franklin battlefield is the McGavock Confederate Cemetery, the largest privately owned military cemetery in the United States.

Each state represented in the cemetery has a monument with the number of soldiers resting there.

Most of the stones are simple such as the two above. Sadly a large number of them are marked unknown as the temporary wooded headstones used for the soldiers first burial faded or was used for fire wood by poor people before they were reinterred to the plot donated by the McGavock family in 1866 and the stone markers added in 1890.

Several had more information and I've added notes where known.

C.N.B. Street, Sergeant Major 33rd Mississippi Regiment
Killed November 30th 1864 at Franklin Tennessee

L.R. Townsend of Carroll County, Captain Co. E 4th Mississippi Regiment
Killed at Franklin Tennessee November 30th 1864, aged 32 years

W.D. Stone, Co. I 19th Regiment South Carolina Val

Frank Gray and John Russell, 6th Arkansas

C.A. Begbie July 12, 1826- January 13, 1902. 5th Kentucky Cavalry

W.B. son of John Early, 1832-September, 22 1894
Co. F 4th Tennessee Cavalry CSA. Twice wounded

There are 1496 Confederate soldiers buried here, it is maintained by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

The internet has been a huge help for me as I research my ancestors and I hope that maybe one of the headstones I've posted here can someday be that exciting piece of history someone is looking to find.

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