Sunday, June 19, 2011

Test figure for 146th New York Volunteer Infantry

I've started painting the 146th New York, which is my first Zouave unit at this scale. I'd like to fix anything now before I paint all 20, so I did a test figure first. Any suggestions or tips?
Below are some of the pictures I used as reference and inspiration. The figures are all Sash and Saber.

"Into the Wilderness", by Keith Rocco, depicting the Charge of the 140th and 146th New York Regiments at Saunders Field in the Wilderness, Virginia, in May of 1864.

As a side note, blogger seems to have fixed their problem with the hit counters going wild. But I do appreciate the 250 hits from Dean at and the 125 hits from Miles at this month! What great guys!


DeanM said...

Beautiful work. I really like Zouaves too. Someday I might pick up that box of Perrys - a lot of local folks play ACW here too. Regards, Dean

Stryker said...

That's a lovely paint job - time to roll out the other nineteen!


MiniMike said...

Great painting Josiah. I like 'm a lot. Did you add an extra highlight on some parts? Will be a cracking unit so bring 'm on.

Josiah M said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm halfway through the next batch of 6 and they have been really fun to paint.

Mike- I did not. Maybe my painting is improving from following some other blogs with some excellent painting!

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