Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mounted British Waterloo Colonel from Victrix

Here's my first foray into Napoleonics. Not sure if this will ever turn into a full blown project but I'd like to paint a few just for fun because the uniforms are so interesting and colorful. I used the picture from their website as a guide so I hope it's close to being accurate.

This is the first Victrix miniature I've painted, and I was really happy with it. It is from the VXP0002 'Mounted British Waterloo Colonels & Foot Pioneer' blister. All of the figures were well cast and clean of almost all flash.

This one is a little bit blurry. Maybe one day I'll get the whole photographing miniatures thing down. This miniature isn't this shiny, it's just the flash.

Thanks for looking!


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Josiah, great job...I'm impressed.

DeanM said...

Nice work; full of character. BTW, I think the saddle blanket was normally the same color of the facings for the unit. Regards, Dean

Josiah M said...

Thanks guys!

Dean- you're right. Guess I rushed that one.

MiniMike said...

Impressive painting Josiah. I esp like how your red turned out.

Rodger said...

Very nicely done. Great job Josiah.

Galpy said...

really nice job love the colour do you matt coat them after or do you like the gloss look

Josiah M said...

Again, thanks for the compliments.

I did a light matte coat on this, but it needs another. Although most of the shine on this is from the flash from my camera.

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