Saturday, April 23, 2011

Johnny Reb's finished!

It's finally finished! It took me a lot longer then I'd expected, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. You can click on any pictures to enlarge them. I apologize for the photography, I took these inside with poor lighting (it's been raining ALL week) with a cheap camera. The shine is from the flash.

I limited my pallet somewhat to help create cohesion, but I think I need to limit it even more. I don't want them to seem too "ragged". One of the things I also did was to paint all of the canteens and haversacks the same colors, which seems to tie them together a bit too. My next confederate Regiment I will probably cut out the blue pants and limit it to 5-6 different grays, tans, and browns.

The quick among you may have already noticed that the standard bearer, Officer, and drummer are all on different bases... Well, I've come to accept that I'm more of a modeler/painter then a gamer, so I used some artistic license and moved them around a bit. My thinking it that the Officer would not always be positioned by the Regimental flag, and that the drummer would be one of the first towards the rear once they were engaged, so he is based on one of the single bases (which can be removed for casualty markers). Let me know if I am way off in my thinking...

I love the expression on the soldier in the middle with the blue/red striped blanket roll. Kudos to Sash and Saber for a great sculpt and casting.

I've still yet to designate my army, so this Regiment was given a generic Confederate battle flag. This was handmade and hand painted by me, so it's a bit sloppy, but from a tabletop distance it looks great! (In my opinion at least...)

I spent a little bit of extra time on the basing as well. I need to go back and put another coat of paint on the edges, but other then that I am pleased with how they turned out.

Some pictures from the rear...

(Sloppy edge...)

Here are some closeups of the flag stand.

And then closeups of the other stands as well.

I'm still not entirely happy with this stand. I still can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but this will probably get some color changes in the near future.

Here are the individual bases that can be removed as casualty markers.

This is one of my favorites from this group.

Wasn't sure if the orange was accurate, it doesn't seem to stick out too much so I will probably just leave it.

In column...

Any comments and criticism are welcomed, I'm still looking to improve and so any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All figures are from Sash and Saber.

Up next? Well, I'm nearing my 100th post so I'll probably play things close to the vest and save up some great content for a special 100th post!


scotty said...

Great looking unit. Nice to see it finally come together.

MiniMike said...

Superb looking unit! You did a great job on the flag as well. Looking forward to the next. My tip will be to try to take a pic without the flash using daylight bulbs. I think it will show your paintjob better. Looking at some of the figs you might try to thin your paint a bit more to blend the colors. But that's because you asked :-)They look very good.

Josiah Martin said...

Thanks for the comments-

Regarding the thick paints I am guilty of that a lot! It's a constant struggle but one day I will win!

I do admit the photography is poor, I'm using an 8 year old Nikon camera and don't really want to invest in some decent lighting either... so I just blame it on the fact that I took them at night, indoors, with a crappy camera! (And it has been raining non stop here in Kentucky for almost a week...)
I really look forward to when my wife finishes school and I can devote some more money to my hobby and improve those kinds of things.

Again, thanks for the comments, I appreciate the kind words AND the criticism.

DeanM said...

Great looking troops there. Beautiful painting. Regards, Dean

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