Friday, April 15, 2011

Johnny Reb's (8)

I've finished painting the last seven figures for this Regiment. It took longer then I'd liked, but I made it!

This weekend I'll be painting their flag and basing them. I'm still undecided what Regiment to make them, I haven't decided if I want to start added flags to all my units to make them a specific Brigade/Division or if I should just make them generic units.

I also painted another officer since I wasn't completely satisfied with the first one I painted.

Here they are side by side. Which do you like better and why? (I probably won't start basing these until tomorrow so opinions are welcome!)

All miniatures are from Sash and Saber.

Next post should have them all finished up!


Phil said...

look great! which sets of rules are you basing your minis?

MiniMike said...

Looking good, finished yet? I like the right one better. The pose seem to match the unit better who are in march attack. Left one will stand out more due to color.Difficult choice...

Josiah Martin said...

Phil- Thank you. They aren't based for anything specific. To be honest I play some very basic homegrown rules occasionally, but mostly just paint now for fun. They are based 4 to a 2x2" base. 3x3" base for Brigade Commanders and Artillery pieces.

Michael- Thanks, they are finished and based (flag and all), and are awaiting pictures and posting!
I went with the right figure as well. I'll most likely repaint the other officers pants and hat to fight for the Union...

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