Monday, February 14, 2011

Civil War Silliness

I was going through some old pictures and found these of my best friend Ethan and I playing Civil War as boys. I think they are hilarious so I thought I'd share them. Here we are defending Virginia(the back yard).

Here I am in the infamous "trench" that we dug on the back edge of their property. Only recently was this filled in by yard scraps and it was a day of great sadness for us. We spent many days eating deli meat roasted over candles and hardtack, all washed down by some warm water from our foul smelling canteens.

Here is my friend Ethan relaxing after what was most likely a hot battle. I'm sure the neighbors all got a kick out of our glorious charges against those dreaded Yankees which always included dramatic woundings in which we'd clutch our wound and fall to the ground with a dreadful yell.

And even though we are hardened veterans, we break rank and smile for the camera.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

I guess you've been at this a while,,,looks like a good time

Green stuff and Alioop said...

What fantastic pictures!

Just wonderful stuff that brings back lots of great memories. Though our efforts were not as grand with Civil War stuff, we did very comparable things with surplus WW2 gear.

Man those summers seemed far longer than todays...

Thank you very much for sharing. Definetly brought a smile to my face.

Josiah Martin said...

Thanks for the comments. We "played Vietnam" as well with my buddy's dad's old uniforms, but the Civil War was our biggest interest so it certainly received the most effort. (Much help from my Grandmother's sewing machine!)

I wasn't expecting this to be my most visited post in less then a week, but I'm happy that it's such a hit!

Paul´s Bods said...

Great pics. I wish I had some from my days as a knight..The overxposed on looks good with all the red coming in from the right. You should make them into sepia tone ones...pretend they are your great grandad :-D

DeanM said...

That's cool. Reminds me of my childhood. I used to play army all the time with my cousins and neighbors. Ah, what this younger generation is missing out on - playing virtual stuff. Regards, Dean

Josiah Martin said...

Great idea Paul, I'll post them if I do!

Dean- I agree, I'm still pretty young, but when I was a kid, video games were for when there was lightning outside and Mom made you stay in the house. Other then that, it was playing sports or some kind of war with all the neighborhood kids!

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