Saturday, February 26, 2011

15mm Union Cavalry WIP

I've been working on a Brigade pack of Musket Miniatures Cavalry for the past few weeks or so. Not a whole lot of variety in poses, but painted to a gaming standard they look good on the table. I've got to finish the remaining 24 or so mounted troopers and then I can base these.

I've been painting the mounted troopers in batches of 8 with the same shade of color for the horses. So once they are all finished I can mix them through the Brigade and have some variety.

The command stand.


Horse holders.

They look kind of rough now, still glued to cardboard fresh off the painting table, but in a few weeks they'll be done and I'll post some finished photos.

Comments and criticism is welcome as always!

1 comment:

scotty said...

Nice looking figures and paintwork. First time I've come across Musket Miniatures

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