Monday, June 14, 2010

Generic Iron Brigade Regiment WIP

Well something is wrong with my camera, and I can't upload any pictures, so until I figure out what is wrong this is all I've got to share. I'm just about done with this Regiment. I just need to touch up a few more things and highlight all of the pants (I need to run to my LGS to get some paint first), and then they are ready for basing.

After I finish these I will probably resume work on the Panzer platoon, which is sitting undercoated on my table. And then I've got a few Civil War diorama's I want to make for a few friends.


Lickwars Men said...

nice figures, i like the shade and highlight. keep it up. please take a look at my blog and see your opinion. thanks


Lickwars Men said...

great job ! good highlight.

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