Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1st Regiment for the Iron Brigade

Still needs some flags and a dullcoat- but don't they all! Figures are the always lovely Sash and Saber. Click for larger images.

On the painting table: Dismounted Union Cavalry, and the Panzer IV H Boxset.


DeanM said...

I like the overall look of these guys. I'm not an ACW buff, but it is interesting to see that some of them appear to be wearing leggings? I always picture ACW soldiers in loose trousers. I have some S&S Napoleonics and like the detail and poses. Dean

Josiah Martin said...

Thanks Dean- I appreciate the kind words. I give a lot of the credit to the S&S sculpts, they have so much character it's kind of hard not to have them turn out nice.
These were painted up as a Regiment from the famous Iron Brigade and they wore leggings. To be honest I'm not sure of the exact ratio of ACW soldiers in leggings but I do know the whole "tucking your pants into your socks" thing was pretty popular as well.

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