Saturday, October 24, 2009

Union Cav

Alright, these are pretty much done... of course they still needs flags and matte spray (I blame the weather and make excuses but I think I'm just scared to death of spraying them and it frosting them!). Click to enlarge pictures.

Here is a group shot, again these are Perry Miniatures (ACW Cav plastic boxset).

Closeup of the first half, Command stand on the left.

Closeup of the second half.

And some closeups of individual stands-
I went Hollywood and gave the commander a white horse!

I just liked how this horse turned out.

I was pleased with the overall look of this guy.

The great thing about these plastics is that they scream for you to do some conversions. I took one of the extra firing arms from the Infantry boxset and cut the musket out of the hands, then glued them to the Cavalryman's body and gave him a carbine. Pretty simple but a little tricky. I should have taken work in progress pictures but alas I am lazy! Maybe next time!

And another view of him.

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