Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Lost Cause Game

I went to my LGS's Annual Gamefest last night to play a game of "A Lost Cause", my friend Rick's ACW rules. We started at 1 AM and the store was still packed with all kinds of tournaments going on.
We wanted to do a Union assault on a prepared Confederate position. As much as we wanted to put EVERYTHING on the table, we only used about a fourth of Ricks mini's. Anyways, here are some pictures from the game (click to enlarge).

Chris, my morale support.

A view from behind the rebel position.

I was the Union attacker- here is my right on setup..


..and center. The plan was to move the center up the road through the town and combine it with the left to assault the Confederate middle while the right charged straight ahead into the rebel flank. This quickly got stuck in the mud as my commanders couldn't convince their troops to move in any coordinated effort and the massed Confederate artillery quickly started to pile up the casualties.

The confederates massed artillery on their right. This mutilated my left assault.

Rick and Jeannie, the owners of Petshop Comics. Notice how Jeannie is laughing as Rick ranges in his artillery on my center assault!

The right was the only assault to reach the fieldworks as my command rolls kept coming up 1's and 2's. About halfway through the battle we realized that we hadn't deployed enough Union troops to even make it possible to push the Confederates off of their fortifications. Oh well, we still had a great time pushing around big piles of little metal soldiers!

Not the best shot but you can make out the whole table in this picture. The HUGE game that we had earlier in the year was played on this table, except we used the whole thing for that game instead of just the third used for this game.

It's always cool to get Artillery in a wheat field!

At this point it was almost 4:00 AM and it was becoming obvious that it was indeed a lost cause for the Union attackers and so we called it a night. The great thing about when Rick and I play is that we don't really care who wins and it always ends up being us doing what would be historical or fun. (Although he usually ends up winning since he wrote the rules!)

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