Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on WWII Fortifications

Well, no excuses for not posting in a few weeks. I'm just lazy. But I have been working very hard on these trench sections for Flames of War. I have four 8" sections completed, and I am about halfway done with four more 8" sections, and two 45 degree angle pieces. I have already started on barbed wire sections, and this week I will begin on mine fields, tank pits, and bunkers. And if I feel really ambitious, maybe even some tank traps! Although I am not sure what material to use for those yet. Anyways, without further rambling, here they are!

Finished 8" trench section

Rear detail

With some rifle teams to show scale

Work in progress 45 degree corner pieces

And the opposite angle

I am planning to finish all of this in the next few weeks and put them on ebay. I am undecided on whether I will post them individually or as separate lots. Any input or criticism is welcome!

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