Saturday, January 14, 2012

Redoubt Confederate Casualties and Skirmishers

I'm really enjoying painting these figures.  The sculpts are really nice and the figures are full of character.  I'm also enjoying taking my time and painting these 2-3 at a time with no hard deadline to finish Regiments, etc.

The casualty's musket is a simple conversion.  I bought an extra pack of loose muskets and just super glued it so that it appears to be suspended mid air.

Two more- not much to comment on.

Next up will be a few posts on other Civil War ancestors, and maybe a few Revolutionary War (American War of Independence) ancestors.  If you haven't checked them out, I've added a few pages as well.


DeanM said...

Beautiful painting on some very well animated poses. Best, Dean

Rodger said...

Great looking figures and very well painted.

paint pig said...

Agreed, these are great figures and you have done em proud. These Redoubt really do look nice, are you still using any Sash & Sabre mini's?

JM said...

Thanks guys!

Paint Pig,
I am still painting some Sash and Saber figs, I'm working on some Zouaves and a few other random things at the moment. I did however place a fairly large (for me anyway) order from Redoubt a few months back so I'm still working through those.

MiniMike said...

They look excellent. My favorite is the set from previous post. I promised myself to do those soon and looking at this I know I should

Jiaqi Lim said...

That is some pretty fantastic looking ACW uniforms. Not really an ACW fan but I do like your paintjob on the miniatures.

For me, I collect more on modern era warfare miniatures and units.
Furthermore, I am a collector and wargamer of modern warfare and warhammer.

Google COnnect to my blog at if you are into modern warfare stuff, Warhammer or action figures and other collectibles!

Once again, Great blog! Great array of posts!nad Great write ups!

(: Keep it up!

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