Monday, November 21, 2011

Stones River National Cemetery

Adjacent to the Stones River battlefield is the Stones River National Cemetery, final resting place to 6,850 soldiers.

Click to enlarge if you'd like to read the marker explaining the history of the cemetery.

Position of Loomis' Battery, 1st Michigan Light Artillery, during the battle.  They were engaged on December 31st, 1862, and January 2nd 1863.

Pvt Henry B. King, Co. F, 3rd Kentucky Infantry (US)

Pvt William H. Simmons, Co. A, 4th Tennessee Cavalry (US)

Pvt William R. Breedlove, Co. H, 82nd Indiana Infantry

Pvt David Martin, Co. A, 10th Ohio Cavalry

Sgt John Martin, Co. D, 4th Ohio Cavalry

Pvt Clay C. Martin, Co. B, 21st Ohio Infantry

Unknown soldier marker.

Cpl Joseph Martin, Co. K, 6th Ohio Infantry

Grave marker for 7 unknown soldiers.

Grave marker for 3 unknown soldiers.

I'm thankful for a patient wife, who walks countless cemeteries with me, but far more thankful for the hero's buried there. 


Rodger said...

Very nice post, thanks.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great shots of the cemetary

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