Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perryville, Kentucky Battlefield. Part One: The Museum

My Mom and two of my brothers visited from Ohio this weekend so I took the boys to Perryville. Here are a few of the pictures I took in the museum. Click the images to see full size versions. I apologize for the lighting and blurriness, I had to turn my flash off and it messes with my camera's zoom.

Here is the outside, nothing too impressive but really nice on the inside!

Here are a few of the exhibits, I didn't get pictures of everything, just a few of the basic things and whatever caught my eye or was unique.

I wish I would have taken the time to read all of these, there was just so much stuff that you just had to skip over some of it just so we could get out to the battlefield! (And we also watched a 28 minute documentary about the battle that they had playing)

One of two original flags- you can see part of the other one in the next picture.

Really cool 6 pounder.

And a side view.

I thought this was interesting...

...And also this!

Here is the right half of one of the weapon displays.

And the other half. I tried to get close ups of a lot of these but when I uploaded the pictures I found out that almost all of them were blurry...

Oh, how I'd like to break the glass and take this home!

They had quite a few canteens, a few that were confirmed from the battle too. I took a picture of this because of the red strap, I will now have to paint one of my canteen straps red!

This was kind of unique.

It's only fitting that I post this here, given that we share a name.

Is it a little disconcerting to anyone else that he referred to the war as "the game"?

Here's Jaret with the 6 pounder. Like a kid in a candy store!

And last but not least- Jordan.

Overall, it is a lovely battlefield museum with a nice little gift shop. They have a wealth of good books along with the expected souvenirs, and also some overpriced/underpainted miniatures! (I wonder how I can get my hands in that business?) The museum is well worth the hour and ten minute drive from my house, and I am already planning my next trip! Next up is Part Two: The Battlefield!
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